DEGER Tracking System

Up to 45% more yield - possible only with DEGER Tracking Systems.

DEGER Tracker The movement of the earth and the composition of the atmosphere lead to constant fluctuations in the intensity and the angle of solar irradiation. As a consequence, the cells of rigid photovoltaic modules are only able to convert a fraction of the light energy given off by the sun into electric energy. DEGER tracking systems are fastening systems for photovoltaic modules. They constantly adapt the angle of PV modules to face the sun, so that the irradiation angle and the light intensity remain constant and a maximum of electrical energy can be generated. This not only helps to exploit every minute of sunshine but also to make the best use of diffuse light – all year round. This leads to an added solar energy yield of 35 – 45% for dual-axis tracking systems. The result is increased efficiency and thus shorter amortization times or higher profits. DEGER tracking systems pay!

Download Specifications Sheet: Deger-Specifications.pdf

Accurate Adjustment

The DEGER Tracking Systems always adjusts the solar installation to face the brightest point in the sky. It includes the entire system control.

Maximum Power Yield

During times of sunshine the module surface is accurately adjusted to face the sun. During times of overcast weather, the tracking system automatically adjusts to face the point with the strongest global radiation.

A Control System to Rely On

The patented DEGERconecter control was distinguished with the Baden-Württemberg Prize for Innovation, has been continuously improved and has more than 40,000 units in operation.

Smart Drive Control

DEGERconectorThe drive is controlled directly – and without requiring additional parts – by the MOSFET bridge circuit, which is integrated in the DEGERconecter. The bridge is characterized by a very low closing resistance. To avoid overload of the motor and the DEGERtraker’s structure, a current limiter was integrated into the system. This current limiter functions dynamically, i.e. the motor is switched off as a response to overload (e.g. frozen or blocked drives). As soon as the drive works again, the system is reset automatically.

Other Benefits of the DEGER Tracking System

  • No computer with high energy consumption required
  • No rotation angle potentiometer, relay, step motors … required
  • No networking with data lines required
  • The automatic drive does not contain any electromechanical parts
  • Little cabling required for large solar parks
  • Simple, easy-to-use control technology
  • Efficient utilization even during cloudy weather
  • Only makes movements which directly lead to increased power yeild